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Sales FAQs

Can I reserve an Approved Used MINI that I have seen on your website?

Yes, we have over 70 Approved Used MINIs in stock, you can browse here. When you find the MINI for you, simply click the "Reserve Vehicle" next to your chosen model. Please email enquiries@sycamoremini.co.uk for all Approved Used MINI enquiries.

What happens to a finance agreement or lease that is due to expire during the lockdown?

For all enquiries regarding BMW Finance agreements please contact MINI Finance on 0370 5050 197

MINI Financial services are able to deal with all queries regarding: Financial Difficulty, changes to your circumstances, potential Payment Holidays during this period. (Covid-19)

BMW Financial Services Online Support: Click Here

Alphabet Leasing Online Support: Click Here.

Can you provide me with a new car finance quote?

Yes, you can browse the MINI range & Sycamore New MINI offers here.

We have over 75 New MINIs across the range, fresh into stock, you can browse a selection here.

If you would like a quote on a particular MINI, please email enquiries@sycamoremini.co.uk

What should I do if my vehicle delivery is affected by the Sycamore temporary closure?

We have a small team operating remotely who will be in contact with you to discuss your vehicle order, if you have any urgent enquiries please email: enquiries@sycamoremini.co.uk

Contacting Sycamore

We're still here for all of our customers. We have a small team from all areas of our business operating remotely, who are on hand to assist you wherever possible.

For All Enquiries Email us at: enquiries@sycamoremini.co.uk. 

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